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N° 9 - March 2018
Boletín Electrónico Mensual de SERTOX-Portal Latinoamericano de Toxicología. Año 1

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Editorial: Contamination in rivers

Like: Occurrence and fate of pesticides in the Argentine stretch of the Paraguay-Paraná basin. Our logo is related with this. There are many others artícles in this newspapaer. Until next time. JCP

Toxicología al día
Dietary correlates of chronic widespread pain in meru, Kenya ->

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Pilot study in Kenya shows link between chronic pain and glutamate consumption. February 16, 2018. Researchers test theory that diet change can alleviate pain. Summary: Preliminary research from a small pilot study carried out in Meru, in eastern Kenya, shows a link between chronic pain and consumption of glutamate, a common flavor enhancer found in Western and non-Western diets worldwide.

Integrating mercury research and policy in a changing world ->

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Scientists call for global and local control and management of mercury. February 02, 2018. The risks, mechanisms and implications of mercury pollution are summarized in a special issue in the journal Ambio. Mercury is a complex, multifaceted contaminant which can take many different forms. It is poisonous to humans and wildlife and damaging to the environment.

Microplastics as an emerging threat to terrestrial ecosystems, study ->

Contaminantes, ecología y ecotoxicología An underestimated threat: Land-based pollution with microplastics. February 05, 2018. Summary: Tiny plastic particles also present a threat to creatures on land and may have damaging effects similar or even more problematic than in our oceans. Researchers warn: the impact of microplastics in soils, sediments and the freshwaters could have a long-term negative effect on terrestrial ecosystems throughout the world.

Frequency of microplastics in mesopelagic fishes from the Northwest Atlantic, study ->

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High levels of microplastics found in Northwest Atlantic fish. February 16, 2018. New study finds microplastics in the stomachs of 73 percent of mesopelagic fish caught in the Northwest Atlantic -- one of the highest levels globally. Summary: A new study finds 73 percent of mesopelagic fish caught in the Northwest Atlantic had microplastics in their stomachs -- one of the highest levels globally. Typically living at depths of 200-1,000 meters, these fish could spread microplastic pollution throughout the marine ecosystem, by carrying microplastics from the surface down to deeper waters. They are also prey for fish eaten by humans, meaning that microplastics could indirectly contaminate our food supply.

Volatile chemical products emerging as largest petrochemical source of urban organic emissions ->

Contaminantes, ecología y ecotoxicología Consumer and industrial products now a dominant urban air pollution source. February 15, 2018. New study finds surprisingly high contribution from paints, pesticides, perfumes as vehicle emissions drop. Summary: Chemical products that contain compounds refined from petroleum, like household cleaners, pesticides, paints and perfumes, now rival motor vehicle emissions as the top source of urban air pollution, according to a surprising new study.

Contribution of alcohol use disorders to the burden of dementia in France 2008–13, study ->

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Largest study of its kind finds alcohol use biggest risk factor for dementia. February 20, 2018. Summary: Alcohol use disorders are the most important preventable risk factors for the onset of all types of dementia, especially early-onset dementia. This according to a nationwide observational study of over one million adults diagnosed with dementia in France.

Potentially dangerous levels of metals leak from some e-cigarette heating coils, study ->

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Lead and other toxic metals found in e-cigarette 'vapors'. February 21, 2018. Potentially dangerous levels of metals leak from some e-cigarette heating coils. Summary: Significant amounts of toxic metals, including lead, leak from some e-cigarette heating coils and are present in the aerosols inhaled by users.

Methyldopa may help prevent the onset of type 1 diabetes of those at risk for the disease, study ->

Medicamentos Existing drug effective at preventing onset of type 1 diabetes in 60% of patients. February 15, 2018. Common blood pressure medication blocks molecule that can trigger the disease.A drug commonly used to control high blood pressure may also help prevent the onset of type 1 diabetes in up to 60 percent of those at risk for the disease.

Studies suggest that ketamine could offer a wholly new approach to treating severe depression ->

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Antidepressant response within hours? Experts weigh evidence on ketamine as fast-acting treatment for depression. February 22, 2018. Summary: Recent studies suggest that ketamine, a widely used anesthetic agent, could offer a wholly new approach to treating severe depression -- producing an antidepressant response in hours rather than weeks. Experts weigh recent evidence on ketamine and related drugs for treating depression in two new published reviews.

New research has drilled down to the molecular level to find a way to reduce unwanted side-effects ->


Reducing side effects in commonly used drugs. February 27, 2018. Summary: New research has drilled down to the molecular level to find similarities across six pharmaceutical drugs used in pain relief, dentist anesthetic, and treatment of epilepsy, in a bid to find a way to reduce unwanted side-effects.

Phylogenomic reclassification of the most venomous spiders of the world, study ->

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World's most venomous spiders are actually cousins. February 15, 2018. Study finds the deadly Australian funnel-web spiders and mouse spiders are more closely related than previously thought. Two lineages of dangerous arachnids found in Australia -- long classified as distantly related in the official taxonomy -- are, in fact, relatively close evolutionary cousins. The lineages include the most venomous spiders in the world. The findings could help in the development of novel antivenoms, as well as point to new forms of insecticides.

Skin gland concentrations adapted to different evolutionary pressures in Siphonops annulatus ->

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Playing both ends: Amphibian adapted to varied evolutionary pressures. February 23, 2018. Summary: Caecilian, Siphonops annulatus, a limbless amphibian found throughout Brazil, has a concentration of enlarged mucous glands in its head region and a concentration of enlarged poison glands in its posterior region. These concentration appear to have evolved from different selective pressures: the ability to tunnel into the ground and to defend oneself from predators.

Cleaning at home and at work in relation to lung function decline and airway obstruction, study ->

Ver Imagen Women who clean at home or work face increased lung function decline. February 16, 2018. Women who work as cleaners or regularly use cleaning sprays or other cleaning products at home appear to experience a greater decline in lung function over time than women who do not clean, according to new research.

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La prensa
Aspectos históricos legales regulatorios
Aspectos históricos legales regulatorios · To the hospital after eating meat from a cow killed by a venomous cobra in South Africa . By Jamie Py... ARTÍCULO COMPLETO...

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Occurrence and fate of pesticides in the Argentine stretch of the Paraguay-Paraná basin, study ->

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Occurrence and fate of pesticides in the Argentine stretch of the Paraguay-Paraná basin.Environ Monit Assess. 2017 Feb;189(2):63. doi: 10.1007/s10661-017-5773-1. Epub 2017 Jan 19. Abstract: The Argentine stretch of the del Plata basin crosses regions devoted to extensive and intensive agriculture mostly with chemical pest control. The utilization of pesticides in the region has increased 900% in the last two decades associated with the introduction of biotech crops and direct-seeding techniques.
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Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in 4 US Communities, study ->

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Children affected by prenatal drinking more numerous than previously estimated. February 06, 2018. Findings suggest rates of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders may be similar to autism spectrum disorders. Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine found a significant number of children across four regions in the United States were determined to have fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). The new findings may represent more accurate prevalence estimates of FASD among the general population than prior research.
Read alsoFetal Alcohol Disorders: Behavioral and mental health issues

Antidepressants are effective, study shows ->

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Antidepressants more effective than placebo for adults with acute major depressive disorder. By Julia Robinson. February 22, 2018. Findings represent the “most comprehensive evidence base currently available” to guide the initial choice about pharmacological treatment for acute major depressive disorder in adults, researchers conclude.

Gate of Hell in Hierapolis, with a cloud of deadly carbon dioxide ->

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This Roman 'gate to hell' killed its victims with a cloud of deadly carbon dioxide. By Colin Barras. February 16, 2018. Is it possible to walk through the gates of hell and live? The Romans thought so, and they staged elaborate sacrifices at what they believed were entrances to the underworld scattered across the ancient Mediterranean. The sacrifices—healthy bulls led down to the gates of hell—died quickly without human intervention, but the castrated priests who accompanied them returned unharmed.

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