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29 mayo, 2004
Our clinical and epidemeological research works allow us to characterize the regional toxicological measures and, thus, we are able to adapt our services to actual demands. Our research works include the importance of:
  • Suicidal attempts with toxins
  • Serious poisoning with pesticides.
  • Accidents caused by poisonous animals (AAP1) scorpions; (AAP2)spiders; (AAP3) ophidia.
  • Poisoning in old people.
  • Serious poisoning with organophosphorated compounds.
  • Medical and toxicological aspects in patients addicted to drugs.
  • Occupational plumb poisoning.
  • Error medication consultation.
  • Effects of regulatory measures in the morbility and mortality caused by thallium and parathion.
  • Rhabdomyolisis caused by acute percutaneous absortion of dicamba.
  • Clinical an biochemical consultations on veterinary toxicology.
  • Following, we include the titles of some of our publications and abstracts. Some of them are only available in spanish