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We need also…tipuana tipu trees in Buenos Aires and Rosario

25 November, 2011
Trees that crying in Argentina. By Veronica Smink.bbcmundo. 25/11/11. It rains, but not from the sky. In Buenos Aires these days occurs a rare phenomenon that surprised more than one unsuspecting passerby: many of the city trees dripping water, creating the impression that a flood took off even though. It is known as "the cry of the tipas" just the name of this species of tree that abounds in the capital of Argentina.Read more in Spanish and watch photos.
Read more about tipuana tipu in Wikipedia.
We need also...tipuana tipu trees in Buenos Aires and Rosario
Tipa florecida
Watch video: Carlos Thays and raining tipuana trees in Buenos Aires
From  mexikids. Nov. 23, 2010.  Two things impressed us as we wandered around the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires:
-1- Carlos Thays’ beautiful landscape architecture which always includes sculptures and flowering trees
-2- Something is often dripping on you… in the springtime the tipuana tipu trees "cry" a light rain, in the summer A/C units drip onto the sidewalks, and all year long you’ve got the pigeons and their tiny splatter bombs


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