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We also need….Amorphophallus

7 June, 2009
Amorphophallus: These are typical lowland plants, growing in the tropical and subtropical zones of the paleotropics, from West Africa to the Pacific Islands. None of them are found in the Americas although a remarkably similar but not closely related genus, Dracontium, has evolved there. Most species are endemic. They grow preferably on disturbed grounds, such as secondary forests. [ Wikipedia ]. See recent news in Spanish.
We also need....Amorphophallus
Flor de Amorphophallus titan
Watch video: Wow – the biggest flower in the world – Titan Arum – David Attenborough – BBC wildlife. Feb. 9, 2007. The titan arum is a gigantic plant, like something from a science fiction film it almost defies belief. From the BBC.


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