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Trivial # 324: the prefix sacha

18 March, 2016
Toxicological Trivia from March 18, 2016: prefix Quechua Sacha. Regionally Spanish language more than fifty similar constructions Quichua sacha noun followed by a noun Spanish or Quichua used mean monte (mountain). Generally it is names of plants or animals that are classified as species or wild mountain, as opposed to’de Castilla species’. At other times he joins names of professions and trades and has the sense of’quasi or false’. Some examples are: cabbage sacha, fig sacha, sacha tie, lemon sacha, sacha pear, watermelon sacha, sacha goat, goose sacha, sacha turkey, chicken sacha, sacha doctor, teacher sacha, sacha carpenter, etc … ( sacha col, sacha higuera, sacha lazo, sacha limón, sacha pera, sacha sandía, sacha cabra, sacha ganso, sacha pava, sacha pollito, sacha médico, sacha maestro, sacha carpintero, etc.) Examples on our website they are:a) Sacha mistol;b) Sacha guasca;c) Both previous assertions are correct.
Correct answer: c.


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