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Trivia # 360: Jaborosa

26 November, 2016
Toxicological trivia from November 26, 2016: Jaborosa is a genus of flowering plants in the family Solanaceae, the nightshades. There are about 23 species,all native to South America, where they are distributed from Peru to Patagonia. Most occur in the Andes. Most can be found in Argentina and ten are endemic to the country.Jaborosa integrifolia Lam.has medicinal use. Used part: leaves. Pharmacological action: a) Resolutive (substance applied to the skin increases local blood supply);b) Vulval (which cures sores and wounds)and anti-syphilitic (leaves);c)  Both previous assertions are correct.
Trivia # 360: Jaborosa
Flor de sapo chica (Jaborosa runcinata)
Correct answer: c. read more in Tesauro de plantas medicinales  and WP. 


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