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Trivia # 334: Camoati bite does not cause allergy

27 May, 2016
Toxicological Trivia from May 27, 2016: we mentioned  in our previous trivia (333) the Camoati (Polybia scutellaris) as biological control of basket bug. In a bulletin we mentioned that "Wasps: a revealing thesis" was a research conducted at the University of Buenos Aires that could provide an explanation for a curious fact of nature. Why the bite of a South American Camoati -does not cause allergy, while a pang of most other species of wasps produce effects that can range from bruises to death. That bulletin was:a) Two year ago;b) 6 years ago;c) 12 years ago.
Trivia # 334: Camoati bite does not cause allergy
Camoatí (Polybia scutellaris.)
Correct answer: c. Read more in Spanish page.


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