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Trivia # 333: Camoati in basket bug control

20 May, 2016
Toxicological Trivia from May 20, 2016: In our previous trivia (332, Hoopoe), we mentioned the basket bug  (Oiketicus kirbyi), an insect belonging to the order Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), Psychidae family, subfamily Oiketicinae .The species is distributed in the Americas from Argentina to Mexico, including Caribbean islands. According to a newspaper article in the Alto Valle de Rio Negro, it disappeared as plague, since not biocides used allowed to act natural enemies that this pest has in the region, including Camoati. This is the common name that is designated to several species of wasps (Hymenoptera) in Argentina and Uruguay, particularly it refers to the species Polybia scutellaris. They are also known in Spanish as:a) Camuatí;b) Lechiguana;c) Both previous assertions are correct.
Trivia # 333: Camoati in basket bug control
Bicho canasto
Correct answer: c. Read more in Spanish page.


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