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Trivia # 328: amancay

15 April, 2016
Toxicological Trivia from April 15, 2016: The amancay (Hieronymiella aurea) is a beautiful plant bright yellow lining in a section of the Cardones National Park. As adaptation to dryness, amancay remains invisible most of the year. After January poor rains, the ground is covered with thousands of green leaves with yellow flowers that contrast with the dry land and the usual landscape región.In route 33, reaching the Straight of Tintin, dominated huge thistles that they gave its name to the park. But at this time we can see and approach these delicate yellow flowers and feel its rich perfume. It is a specie:a) Indigenous or native of province of Salta;b) Endemic of Salta;c) Both previous assertions are correct.
Trivia # 328: amancay
Flores de amancay
Correct answer: c. Read more in Spanish page


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