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Trivia # 325: Sacha guasca

25 March, 2016
Toxicological trivia from March 25, 2016: Dolichandra cynanchoides.  Common names in Spanish: Sacha guasca or Sacha huasca. This attractive woody climber bears fragrant trusses of tubular, orange-red flowers all summer long, which ripen into elongated, flat, brown, woody, pods holding numerous seeds. It is decorated with leathery, glabrous, evergreen, dark green, opposite leaves. Pollination in warmer countries is by hummingbirds.  In our previous trivia (324) we talk about the meaning of the prefix sacha .  Their uses are:a) Ornamental (very showy flowers) and handicrafts (stems in making baskets);b) Medicinal (in folk medicine the leaves and tender stems are used);c) Both previous assertions are correct.
Trivia # 325: Sacha guasca
Flor de sacha guasca
Correct answer: c. Read more at Sacha guasca in Spanish


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