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Trivia # 320: Caiophora chuquitensis

12 February, 2016
Toxicological trivia from February 12, 2016: About 65 species of annuals and perennials including climbers from Patagonia to Colombia, predominantly in the Andean zone. The dwarf or large-flowered alpines can be both spectacular and unusual. They are tufted to rosette forming with prostrate or erect stems. Practically all are armed with irritating or stinging hairs, usually on the stems, leaves and seed capsules, and frequently on the backs of the flowers as well. This deterrent varies from species to species and includes fine to coarse sharp and brittle hairs (glochids) of various lengths, which in their extreme development become swollen at their base with a poison bulb, as in nettles. Caiophora chuquitensis is native of Argentina (Catamarca, Tucuman, Salta and Jujuy) and Chile. Some of these species have a particular characteristic is that they are pollinated by rodents, which in nature is very rare. It is typical of:a) Extremely dry areas with very rare rainfall;b) wet areas, with frequent rain;c) Both previous assertions are correct
Trivia # 320: Caiophora chuquitensis
Caiophora chuquitensis
Correct answer: a. Read more on encyclopaedia.alpinegardensociety.net. Raed also in Spanish web: ecured.


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