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Trivia # 288: Agapanthus

10 June, 2015
Toxicological trivia from June 10, 2015: Agapanthus is a very hardy plant that is used in gardens to form bright and colorful hedges.The name Agapanthus derives from the Greek,  agape – love and anthos – flower. Hence, presumably, it derives its name Flower of Love. His other name, African Lily, denotes its origin in South Africa, the Cape and more precisely the Cape of Good Hope. In their home country it is called magic Agapanthus, as well as plant from fertility and pregnancy. Its use as medicine at:a) The women of the Xhosa tribe;b) The Zulus;c) Both previous assertions are correct.
Trivia # 288: Agapanthus
Agapantos en flor
Correct answer: c.Read more in Spanish page:  Agapanto


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