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Trivia # 268: Bothriurus Bonaeriensis

14 January, 2015
Trivia toxicológica from January 14, 2015: Bothriurus bonariensis  is a specie of scorpion where adults get to measure about 60 mm long. The geographical distribution includes Argentina, Uruguay and southern states of Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina). Their sting is not potent sting and sometimes even don´t through the skin. The tail has a unique stinger, rounded and short clamps, back of uniform color (the general coloration can vary from reddish-brown to black). Of the hundreds of copies of scorpions that have brought the city of Rosario, to identify in Sertox in more than 20 years, few were of this sort:a) 100 (one hundred);b) ten (10);c) 0 (zero).
Trivia # 268: Bothriurus Bonaeriensis
Bothriurus Bonaeriensis
Correct Answer c. The only three copies identified in Sertox correspond to locations in southern Santa Fe: Santi Spiritus, Acebal and San Lorenzo. The sample photo is from San Lorenzo.

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