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Trivia # 200: Handbook of poisonous snakes in Guatemala

31 July, 2013
Toxicological trivia from July 31, 2013:  a "Handbook for identification, prevention and treatment of poisonous snake bites in Central America, Volume I: Guatemala.OPS. 2009",  was developed by the Pan American Health-OPS-in coordination with the National Rabies and Zoonosis of Ministry of Public Health and Social-and the Museum of Natural History at the University of San Carlos of Guatemala-MUSHNAT-, in order to provide enough information to support the proper care and effective patient treatment bitten by poisonous snake. They hoped that the information contained in the handbook  will be useful to health care professional when dealing with cases of poisoning caused by poisonous snakes and contributes to the proper recovery of patients who have had an encounter with these animals. Who sent us this contribution?a) Ana Digón:b) Waksman Javier;c) Guillermo Pérez Jimeno.z Jimeno.
Trivia # 200: Handbook of poisonous snakes in Guatemala
Portada del manual
Correct answer c. Read more in Spanish article: Accident Prevention in Guatemala Snake Bites


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