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Trivia # 154: Hylesia Nigricans, an Argentina’s agricultural pest

13 April, 2010
Toxicological Trivia from April 13, 2010: Hylesia is a genus of butterfly that causes persistent dermatitis due to contact with the adult hair. There have been outbreaks of different species in Mexico, French Guyana, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay. In Argentina,the epidemic episodes occurred in the provinces of Misiones, Entre Rios and Buenos Aires.  Hylesia Nigricans was declared a national plague of agriculture.  due to its  larvae, which feeds on leaves:
a) In 1911;
b) In 1931;
c) In 1951.

Trivia # 154: Hylesia Nigricans, an Argentina's agricultural pest
Hylesia Nigricans (Mariposa negra)
Correct Answer a. Read more in  monograph by Hylesia Nigricans Lepidoptera (butterfly black)


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