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Trivia # 130: sea lions poisoned in Peru

25 February, 2010
Toxicological Trivia from February 25, 2009: "Anchovies contaminated with a deadly pesticide  gave to eat To the sea lions in Perú. It went straight to the mouth of animals, "indignantly denounced the Production Minister, Mercedes Araoz, Peru. concerned the killing of these marine mammals recorded in November 2009 on the coast of Colan, Piura. What pesticide was used?
a) Chlorpyrifos,
b) carbamate,
c) Endosulfan.

Trivia # 130: sea lions poisoned in Peru
Lobos marinos en Caleta Olivia
Correct Answer b. Read more in Spanmish news: Sea lions killed by carbamates in Colan, Peru


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