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Trivia # 109: pesticide to kill lions in Kenya

20 January, 2010
Toxicological Trivia from January 20, 2010: The American chemical manufacturer FMC has removed the pesticide marketed in the Kenyan market after CBS News broadcast a documentary on ’60 Minutes’, which describes how this pesticide has become the preferred product by shepherds who poison lions who allegedly killed the cattle and around Masai Mara National Reserve. The pesticide is:
a) Carbofuran;
b) Endosulfan;
c) Chlorpyrifos.
Correct Answer a. Read more on article in Spanish:Furadan to kill lions in Kenya and Furadan to kill lions in Kenya II. Read also: in Globalvoicesonline: Kenyans Race to Get Furadan Banned
Image from this source: Lion cub poisoned in the Masai Mara


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