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New strategy for the development of an antiserum against Micrurus corallinus venom


A synthetic biology approach for a new antidote to coral snake venom. sciencedaily.com. March 03, 2016. Summary: Coral snake venom carries significant neurotoxicity and human injuries can be severe or even lethal. Despite this, antivenom treatments are scarce due to challenges collecting adequate amounts of venom needed to produce anti-elapidic serum. Exciting new research uses […]

The world is running out of one of the most effective snakebite treatments


Snakebite antidote is running out. bbcnews. September 08, 2015. The world is running out of one of the most effective snakebite treatments, putting tens of thousands of lives at risk, warn experts. Medicins Sans Frontieres says new stocks of Fav-Afrique, which neutralises 10 different snakebites that can occur in Sub-Saharan Africa, are desperately needed. The […]

USA: Bites from venomous snakes can be painful and dangerous, but they can also be very expensive


Cost of Snakebite Therapy May Squeeze Victims’ Wallets.  Hospital care, treatment can top $50,000 for venomous snake encounter. healthday.com. April 23, 2012.It goes without saying that bites from venomous snakes can be painful and dangerous, but they can also be very expensive, an expert warns.Medical bills of $50,000 or more are not uncommon for a […]

Low-Dose Adrenaline in the Prevention of Acute Adverse Reactions to Snake Antivenom


Adrenaline Given Before Snakebite Antivenom Treatment Reduces Allergic Reactions.medicalnewstoday.com. May 10, 2011. Giving low-dose adrenaline to patients who have been bitten by a poisonous snake before treatment with the appropriate antivenom is safe and reduces the risk of acute severe reactions to the treatment, but giving promethazine has no such effect and giving hydrocortisone may […]

Trivia # 105: Latin American antivenoms for export to U.S.


Toxicological Trivia from January 14, 2010: The first anti-venom of Latin American origin in the U.S. market awaiting the imminent FDA approval have been developed at the University of:a) Sao Paulo, Brazil;b) UNAM of Mexico;c) Zulia, Venezuela.Correct Answer b. Read more in the news in Spanish, Mexican Antivenins ahead (II) Image from Wikipedia

Diet of poisonous snakes affects its venom strength


Snake diet find aids anti-venom. bbcnews. April 9, 2009.New research by a Bangor university student has found that the diet of poisonous snakes affects its venom strength.Axel Barlow’s discovery means that anti-venom can be developed specific to a certain snake’s location or diet.His studies into saw-scaled vipers, which have evolved to eat scorpions, found that […]


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