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Potential dangers when using drugs to treat COVID-19 that can cause heart rhythm changes

Microscopy image showing SARS-CoV-2

Patients at risk of drug-induced sudden cardiac death in COVID-19. sciencedaily.com. March 25, 2020. Summary: SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, continues to spread, leading to more than 20,000 deaths worldwide in less than four months. Efforts are progressing to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, but it’s still likely 12 to 18 months away. SARS-CoV-2, the […]

Why do not researchers report what is in placebos?


Placebos: what they’re made of matters. By Jeremy Howick*. theconversation.com. October 01, 2019. Placebo controls are a gold standard against which new treatments are often measured. If a new treatment consistently proves to be better than a placebo and safe, it can be marketed, sold and prescribed. Otherwise, it can’t – or at least shouldn’t. […]

Global trends in antimicrobial resistance in animals in low- and middle-income countries, study


Antimicrobial resistance is drastically rising. sciencedaily.com. September 19, 2019. Summary: Researchers have shown that antimicrobial-resistant infections are rapidly increasing in animals in low and middle income countries. They produced the first global of resistance rates, and identified regions where interventions are urgently needed. Pollos corriendo (Sertox) Chickens (stock image).Credit: © Alexbedoya / Adobe StockThe world is […]

Antibiotic resistance among bacteria isolated from common bottlenose dolphins in Florida


Antibiotic resistance surges in dolphins, mirroring humans. 13 years of antibiotic resistance trends in bottlenose dolphins. sciencedaily.com. September 15, 2019. Summary: Scientists obtained a total of 733 pathogen isolates from 171 individual wild Bottlenose dolphins in Florida and found that the overall prevalence of resistance to at least one antibiotic for the 733 isolates was […]

Oral fluoroquinolones and risk of mitral and aortic regurgitation, study


Commonly used antibiotics may lead to heart problems. sciencedaily.com. September 10, 2019. Summary: Scientists have shown for the first time a link between two types of heart problems and one of the most commonly prescribed classes of antibiotics. (Sertox) Antibiotic pills illustration (stock image).Credit: © pictoores / Adobe StockScientists have shown for the first time a […]

Prevalence of aspirin use for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in the United States


Widespread aspirin use despite few benefits, high risks. sciencedaily.com. July 22, 2019. Summary: Nearly 30 million Americans older than 40 take aspirin daily to prevent cardiovascular disease. More than 6 million Americans take aspirin daily without physician’s recommendation. Nearly half of Americans more than 70 years of age without cardiovascular disease, an estimate of nearly […]

Use of antibiotics without a prescription in the US population, study


Using antibiotics without a prescription is a prevalent public health problem. sciencedaily.com. July 22, 2019. Summary: People using antibiotics without a prescription seems to be a prevalent public health problem. Antibiotics were obtained through various means, including saving leftover prescriptions for later use, getting them from friends and family, or obtaining them from local markets […]

There still is not any conclusive evidence that the pill changes your body shape


How the pill changes your body shape. By Zaria Gorvett. bbcnews. October 04, 2018 Many women believe that the pill can cause weight gain. Research hasn’t found this – but it has found that it can change body shape (and fat storage) in other surprising ways. It’s been blamed for polluting our rivers, destroying our […]

Majority of oral medications available contain ingredients that can affect sensitive individuals


Inactive ingredients in pills and capsules may cause allergic, adverse reactions. sciencedaily.com. March 13, 2019. Summary: The majority of oral medications available to consumers contain ingredients that can affect sensitive individuals. Medicamento recetado (Sertox) Formulation network highlights the complexity of the inactive ingredient portion of medications and attests to the multiplicity of different formulations available […]

When parents abuse prescription opioids, their teenagers may follow their example, study


Too Often, Opioid Abuse Runs in the Family, Study Shows. By Amy Norton. consumer.healthday.com. February 25, 2019. When parents abuse prescription painkillers, their teenagers may follow their example, a new study finds. Sobredosis de metadona y otros opioides (CDC) The study of thousands of U.S. teenagers found that kids were 30 percent more likely to […]

Remake wasp toxin into antibiotic drugs by MIT researchers


MIT engineers repurpose wasp venom as an antibiotic drug. By Anne Trafton. news.mit.edu. December 07, 2018. Altered peptides from a South American wasp’s venom can kill bacteria but are nontoxic to human cells.The venom of insects such as wasps and bees is full of compounds that can kill bacteria. Unfortunately, many of these compounds are […]

Open-source discovery of chemical leads for next-generation chemoprotective antimalarials, study


Half a million tests and many mosquitoes later, new buzz about a malaria prevention drug. eurekalert.org. December 06, 2018. Researchers tested chemical compounds for their ability to inhibit the malaria parasite at an earlier lifecycle stage than most current drugs, revealing chemical starting points for new malaria preventatives.  Plasmodium falciparum en la sangre (WP) Extracting […]

Effect of aspirin on cardiovascular events in the healthy elderly, study


Daily low-dose aspirin found to have no effect on healthy life span in older people. sciencedaily.com. September 16, 2018. Summary: In a clinical trial to determine the effects of daily low-dose aspirin in healthy older adults without previous cardiovascular events, aspirin did not prolong healthy, independent living free of dementia or physical disability. Aspirina de […]

A new experimental analgesic that relieves pain and eliminates addiction to opioids


Scientists take big step toward finding non-addictive painkiller. eurekalert.org. August 29, 2018.  With the support of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, scientists at Wake Forest School of Medicine have been working to find a safe, non-addictive pain killer to help fight the current opioid crisis in this country. Sobredosis de metadona y otros opioides […]

An important contributor to heart pathology by doxorubicin: a harmful side effect


Doxorubicin disrupts the immune system to cause heart toxicity. eurekalert.org. August 06, 18. The drug targets enzymes that control the immune response and spleen macrophages. Doxorubicin is a chemotherapy drug widely used in ovarian, bladder, lung, thyroid and stomach cancers, but it carries a harmful side effect. The drug causes a dose-dependent heart toxicity that […]

Species specific activity of antibacterial drug combinations, study


Combining antibiotics changes their effectiveness. sciencedaily.com. July 04, 2018. Effectiveness of antibiotics altered by combining them with each other, non-antibiotic drugs or even with food additives. Summary: The effectiveness of antibiotics can be altered by combining them with each other, non-antibiotic drugs or even with food additives. Depending on the bacterial species, some combinations stop […]

Ionic liquids for oral insulin delivery, study


Delivering insulin in a pill. sciencedaily.com. June 25, 2018. Technique could replace daily injections for diabetics. Summary:Researchers have developed an oral delivery method that could dramatically transform the way in which diabetics keep their blood sugar levels in check.Oral delivery method could dramatically transform the way in which diabetics keep their blood sugar levels in […]

Effects of exposure to acetaminophen and ibuprofen on fetal germ cell development, study


Painkillers in pregnancy may affect baby’s future fertility. sciencedaily.com. April 16, 2018. Summary: Taking painkillers during pregnancy could affect the fertility of the unborn child in later life, research suggests. Scientists looked at the effects of paracetamol (acetaminophen) and ibuprofen on samples of human fetal testes and ovaries. Their findings add to a growing body […]

New research has drilled down to the molecular level to find a way to reduce unwanted side-effects


Reducing side effects in commonly used drugs. sciencedaily.com. February 27, 2018. Summary: New research has drilled down to the molecular level to find similarities across six pharmaceutical drugs used in pain relief, dentist anesthetic, and treatment of epilepsy, in a bid to find a way to reduce unwanted side-effects.New research from The Australian National University […]

Studies suggest that ketamine could offer a wholly new approach to treating severe depression


Antidepressant response within hours? Experts weigh evidence on ketamine as fast-acting treatment for depression. sciencedaily.com. February 22, 2018. Summary: Recent studies suggest that ketamine, a widely used anesthetic agent, could offer a wholly new approach to treating severe depression — producing an antidepressant response in hours rather than weeks. Experts weigh recent evidence on ketamine […]

Antidepressants are effective, study shows


Antidepressants more effective than placebo for adults with acute major depressive disorder. By Julia Robinson. pharmaceutical-journal.com. February 22, 2018. Findings represent the “most comprehensive evidence base currently available” to guide the initial choice about pharmacological treatment for acute major depressive disorder in adults, researchers conclude. Source: RPSDavid Taylor, professor of psychopharmacology at King’s College, London, […]

Methyldopa may help prevent the onset of type 1 diabetes of those at risk for the disease, study


Existing drug effective at preventing onset of type 1 diabetes in 60% of patients. sciencedaily.com. February 15, 2018. Common blood pressure medication blocks molecule that can trigger the disease.A drug commonly used to control high blood pressure may also help prevent the onset of type 1 diabetes in up to 60 percent of those at […]

NOACs* can be significantly altered through interaction with other drugs


Blood Thinners Can Come With Dangerous Side Effects. medlineplus.gov. October 3, 2017. Newer class of drugs can interact with multiple medications, researchers report. Blood-thinning drugs can save your life by preventing a heart attack or stroke caused by artery-blocking blood clots. But these are powerful drugs, and a pair of new studies detail side effects […]


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