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Fluoride exposure alters Ca2 signaling and mitochondrial function in enamel cells, study


How too much fluoride causes defects in tooth enamel. sciencedaily.com. February 18, 2020. Changes within enamel cells point to mechanism by which excessive fluoride leads to fluorosis. Summary: Exposing teeth to excessive fluoride alters calcium signaling, mitochondrial function, and gene expression in the cells forming tooth enamel — a novel explanation for how dental fluorosis, […]

Lead chromate pigments added to turmeric threaten public health across Bangladesh, study


Neurotoxin lead sometimes added to turmeric for brighter color. sciencedaily.com. September 24, 2019- Summary: Some spice processors in Bangladesh use an industrial lead chromate pigment to imbue turmeric with a bright yellow color prized for curries and other traditional dishes, elevating blood lead levels in Bangladeshis. Curcuma en polvo (Sertox) It’s billed as a health […]

Flavonoid intake is associated with lower mortality in a study


Flavonoid-rich diet protects against cancer and heart disease, study finds. sciencedaily.com. August 13, 2019.Summary: Consuming flavonoid-rich items such as apples and tea protects against cancer and heart disease, particularly for smokers and heavy drinkers, according to new research. Clavel del aire florecido, rico en flavonoides (Sertox) Apples and tea (stock image).Credit: © Anna Vovk / Adobe […]

Tuna consumption and knowledge about mercury exposure risk from this in university students


Students chowing down tuna in dining halls are unaware of mercury exposure risks. sciencedaily.com. June 28, 2019. Summary: Some students are helping themselves to servings of tuna well beyond the amounts recommended to avoid consuming too much mercury. Researchers surveyed students on their tuna consumption habits and knowledge of mercury exposure risks, and also measured […]

How much microplastics do Americans consume per year?


Americans consumer 70,000 particles of microplastics per year. sciencedaily.com. June 5, 2019. Summary: Since the mass production of plastics began in the 1940s, the versatile polymers have spread rapidly across the globe. Although plastics have made life easier in many ways, disposing of the materials is a growing problem. Now, researchers estimate that the average […]

Impact of high volume energy drink consumption on electrocardiographic and blood pressure parameters


Energy drinks may increase risk of heart function abnormalities and blood pressure changes. sciencedaily.com. May 29, 2019.Summary: Three to four hours after drinking 32 ounces of energy drinks, the heart’s electrical activity was abnormal compared to drinking a placebo drink. Two different commercially available energy drinks produced the same results, suggesting that energy drinks as […]

Arsenic level of 17 ppb like in Peñafiel brand is a clear violation of the US bottled water standard


Arsenic in Some Bottled Water Brands at Unsafe Levels, Consumer Reports Says. By Ryan Felton*. consumerreports.org. April 18, 2019. Keurig Dr Pepper suspends production of its Peñafiel brand, as CR urges a full recall and tougher federal standards. What you need to know. Natural foods grocery chain Whole Foods introduced its new brand of bottled […]

New study about food sources of fructose-containing sugars and glycaemic control


Sweetened drinks pose greater diabetes risk than other sugary foods. stmichaelshospital.com. November 22, 2018. Public health strategies to cut sweetened drink consumption could be useful, say researchers. Sweetened drinks pose a greater risk of type 2 diabetes than most other foods containing fructose, a naturally occurring sugar, finds an evidence review published by The BMJ […]

A gut commensal produced metabolite mediates colonization resistance to Salmonella infection


Gut bacteria byproduct protects against Salmonella, study finds. sciencedaily.com. July 26, 2018. Summary: Researchers have identified a molecule that serves as natural protection against one of the most common intestinal pathogens, Salmonella. Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have identified a molecule that serves as natural protection against one of the most common […]

Openfoodtox database updated, by European Food Safety Authority


Openfoodtox: over 300 substances added to EFSA chemical hazards database. efsa.europa.eu. July 19, 2018. EFSA’s OpenFoodTox database on chemical hazards now includes data on over 4,750 chemical substances following the addition of 321 substances. The database is also more accessible now thanks to an improved interface with more features for exploring the data.OpenFoodTox access via […]

PBDE* accumulation in farmed salmon evaluated using a dynamic sea-cage production mode


Livestock feed accurately predicts toxic chemicals in food. sciencedaily.com. July 10, 2018. Summary: Scientists have tracked the presence of a class of synthetic flame retardants called polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), which were once a popular additive to increase fire resistance in consumer products such as electronics, textiles, and plastics*PBDE =  Polybrominated Diphenyl EtherOrganic pollutants hazardous […]

The global impacts of food production


Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers.J Poore, T Nemecek. June 01, 2018. Science  01 Jun 2018:Vol. 360, Issue 6392, pp. 987-992. DOI: 10.1126/science.aaq0216.The global impacts of food productionFood is produced and processed by millions of farmers and intermediaries globally, with substantial associated environmental costs. Given the heterogeneity of producers, what is the best […]

No effect of a high-egg diet on cardiometabolic risk factors in people with type 2 diabetes, study


Eggs not linked to cardiovascular risk, despite conflicting advice. sciencedaily.com. May 07, 2018. No extra risk for people with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Summary: Eating up to 12 eggs a week does not increase cardiovascular risk factors in people with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, new research finds — despite conflicting dietary advice continuing […]

Industrial sea fishing may be exposing people to excessively high levels of mercury


Mercury rising: Are the fish we eat toxic?  eurekalert.org. May 03, 2018. Canadian researchers say industrial sea fishing may be exposing people in coastal and island nations to excessively high levels of mercury. The amount of mercury extracted from the sea by industrial fishing has grown steadily since the 1950s, potentially increasing mercury exposure among […]

Dietary sources of cumulative phthalates exposure among the US general population, study


Dining out associated with increased exposure to harmful chemicals. sciencedaily.com. March 29, 2018. New study finds burgers and other foods consumed at restaurants, fast food outlets or cafeterias, associated with higher levels of phthalates. Summary: Dining out more at restaurants, cafeterias and fast-food outlets may boost total levels of potentially health-harming chemicals called phthalates in […]

Dietary correlates of chronic widespread pain in meru, Kenya


Pilot study in Kenya shows link between chronic pain and glutamate consumption. sciencedaily.com. February 16, 2018. Researchers test theory that diet change can alleviate pain. Summary: Preliminary research from a small pilot study carried out in Meru, in eastern Kenya, shows a link between chronic pain and consumption of glutamate, a common flavor enhancer found […]

More about fipronil egg contamination II


Update on Fipronil in Eggs. food.gov.uk. September 21, 2017. We continue to trace the distribution of eggs from farms in the Netherlands and Belgium affected by Fipronil. Since our previous update, one additional product has been withdrawn, as detailed in our updated withdrawal list. This is a waffles product, sold in smaller retail stores and catering outlets. […]

More about fipronil egg contamination


Fipronil egg contamination scandal and consequences for the food chain: update.europarl.europa.eu. September 01, 2017. Oeuf fipronil A representative from the Commission’s DG SANTE updated the AGRI Committee on Thursday morning on the state-of-play of the scandal related to the illegal use of the active substance Fipronil in laying hen farms in several Member States and its […]

Studies found a link between water turbidity and acute gastrointestinal illness incidence


How Safe Is Your Drinking Water? Take a Look. By Randy Dotinga. medlineplus.gov. August 23, 2017. Even ‘allowable’ cloudiness could cause tummy troubles, study says. Even if local health officials say it’s safe, cloudy drinking water may have the potential to cause vomiting and diarrhea, a new research review finds. Researchers looked at past North […]

FDA: grapefruit juice could be a dangerous combination with some medications


A Reminder That Meds and Grapefruit Don’t Always Mix. By Robert Preidt.medlineplus.gov.* July 23, 2017.  Could be a dangerous combination, depending on the drug. If you like grapefruit juice, you need to be aware that it can affect the way some medications work, especially those used to treat high blood pressure or an irregular heart […]

Red yeast rice could increase risk of muscle injury or liver damage


‘Red Yeast Rice’ Statin Alternative Not Harmless Either, Study Says. medlineplus.gov. January 24, 2017. The supplements linked to muscle pain, other adverse effects similar to statins. A natural cholesterol-lowering supplement called red yeast rice could pose the same health risks to users as statin drugs, a new study contends. Red yeast rice could increase risk […]

During the holiday season, alcohol-related accidents and deaths are a part of the festivities


Alcohol Can Be a Risky Guest at Holiday Parties. By Mary Elizabeth Dallas. medlineplus.gov. December 11, 2016. Don’t pressure people to drink and make sure those who are imbibing have a designated driver.During the holiday season, gatherings and parties are a part of the festivities. Unfortunately, so are alcohol-related accidents and deaths.Many people who attend […]


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