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Algal blooms and cyanotoxins in Jordan Lake, North Carolina, US, study


Researchers create more complete picture of freshwater toxic algal blooms. eurekalert.org. February 28, 2018.   Using two different measurement methods, researchers from North Carolina State University conducted a two-year study of North Carolina’s Jordan Lake in which they monitored toxic algal blooms. The researchers found that multiple cyanotoxins from toxic algal blooms are present year-round, albeit […]

HCN ice in Titan’s high-altitude southern polar cloud, a new article


Swirling cloud at Titan’s pole is cold and toxic. sciencedaily.com. October 01, 2014. Summary:Scientists analyzing data from NASA’s Cassini mission have discovered that a giant, toxic cloud is hovering over the south pole of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, after the atmosphere there cooled dramatically. The scientists found that this giant polar vortex contains frozen particles […]

The worst massacre in Zimbabwe:poachers have poisoned waterholes with cyanide to kill 300 elephants


Poachers kill 300 Zimbabwe elephants with cyanide.By Peta Thornycroft, and Aislinn Laing. telegraph.co.uk. October 20,  2013. Cyanide has been used to kill 300 elephants in Zimbabwe’s biggest nature reserve – three times the original estimate – as new photos show the scale of the slaughter.See previous related news: Poachers in Zimbabwe have poisoned waterholes in […]

Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park: 91 elephant carcasses had been found, victims of cyanide


CYANIDE POISONING, ELEPHANTS – ZIMBABWE (02): (HWANGE NATIONAL PARK)********************************************************************A ProMED-mail posthttp://www.promedmail.orgProMED-mail is a program of the International Society for Infectious Diseaseshttp://www.isid.org. Date: Sun 29 Sep 2013Source: IOL (Independent Online, South Africa) [edited]http://www.iol.co.za/news/africa/zim-elephant-deaths-soar-1.1584080#.Uk2IP4ZLOrh While African heads of state made measured long-range commitments to intensify anti-wildlife poaching measures at a UN summit in New York this week […]


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