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Association between exposure to air pollution and emphysema


Air pollution can accelerate lung disease as much as a pack a day of cigarettes. sciencedaily.com. August 13, 2019. Summary: Air pollution — especially ozone air pollution which is increasing with climate change — accelerates the progression of emphysema of the lung, according to a new study. Pulmones (SerTox) Air pollution — especially ozone air […]

Chronic kidney disease of unknown cause in agricultural, study


Chronic kidney disease epidemic may be result of high heat, toxins. eurekalert.org. May 08, 2019. CU Anschutz researchers believe climate change may play role in epidemic that has killed thousands of agricultural workers.  A mysterious epidemic of chronic kidney disease among agricultural workers and manual laborers may be caused by a combination of increasingly hot […]

Increases in suicide attempts by Self-poisoning in the US among youth and young adults from 2000 to


Suicide attempts by self-poisoning have more than doubled in teens, young adults. sciencedaily.com. May 2, 2019. Summary: A new study found rates of suicide attempts by self-poisoning among adolescents have more than doubled in the last decade in the United States, and more than tripled for girls and young women.A new study from Nationwide Children’s […]

Open-source discovery of chemical leads for next-generation chemoprotective antimalarials, study


Half a million tests and many mosquitoes later, new buzz about a malaria prevention drug. eurekalert.org. December 06, 2018. Researchers tested chemical compounds for their ability to inhibit the malaria parasite at an earlier lifecycle stage than most current drugs, revealing chemical starting points for new malaria preventatives.  Plasmodium falciparum en la sangre (WP) Extracting […]

Global action to ban asbestos


A call to G20 leaders for global action to ban asbestos. ABEVA. November 17, 2018.On November 30, you will be gathering in Buenos Aires for a vital meeting of the G20. You will be considering the many challenges facing our world and striving to find the best way forward. Logo AVEBA (AVEBA) The most widely recognized […]

Estimates of pollutants on asthma incidence and emergency room visits, study


Air pollution leads to millions of ER visits for asthma attacks worldwide. eurekalert.org. Octuber 24, 2018. First study to quantify global burden of asthma linked to dirty air. Nine to 33 million visits to the emergency room (ER) for asthma worldwide may be triggered by breathing in air polluted by ozone or fine particulate matter–pollutants […]

Hierarchical spidroin micellar nanoparticles as the fundamental precursors of spider silks


Mystery of how black widow spiders create steel-strength silk webs further unravelled. sciencedaily.com. October 22, 2018. ‘Modified micelle theory’ may allow scientists to create equally strong synthetic materials. Summary: Researchers have better unraveled the complex process of how black widow spiders transform proteins into steel-strength fibers. This knowledge promises to aid scientists in creating equally […]

Global status report on alcohol and health 2018, by WHO


1 in 20 deaths globally is a result of alcohol use. By Nina Avramova. cnn.com. September 21, 2018. Over 3 million people died from alcohol consumption in 2016, equating to 1 in 20 deaths globally, according to a new report by the World Health Organization.Watch in PDF format: Global status report on alcohol and health, 2018  […]

Study about waterborne exposure of adult zebrafish to silver nanoparticles


Silver nanoparticles are toxic for aquatic organisms. eurekalert.org. September 18, 2018. A research team at the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country has analysed how zebrafish are affected in the long term by exposure to silver particles. Danio rerio (WP) CAPTIONThe UPV/EHU’s Cell Biology in Environmental Toxicology research group has analysed adult zebrafish to find out […]

The Effects of Tartrazine in Allium Cepa L, study


Lerda D (2017) The Effects of Tartrazine in Allium Cepa L. J Food Nutr 3: 1-5.Abstract: The effect of tartrazine on Allium cepa L. at concentrations of 0.1 , 1, 3 and 5 ng/ml-1 were studied. Analysis focused on root growth, frequency of mitosis in a meristematic zone, and chromosomal aberrations. It was observed that […]

Openfoodtox database updated, by European Food Safety Authority


Openfoodtox: over 300 substances added to EFSA chemical hazards database. efsa.europa.eu. July 19, 2018. EFSA’s OpenFoodTox database on chemical hazards now includes data on over 4,750 chemical substances following the addition of 321 substances. The database is also more accessible now thanks to an improved interface with more features for exploring the data.OpenFoodTox access via […]

The global impacts of food production


Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers.J Poore, T Nemecek. June 01, 2018. Science  01 Jun 2018:Vol. 360, Issue 6392, pp. 987-992. DOI: 10.1126/science.aaq0216.The global impacts of food productionFood is produced and processed by millions of farmers and intermediaries globally, with substantial associated environmental costs. Given the heterogeneity of producers, what is the best […]

Bothrops venoms revealed as molecular signatures that contribute to venom phenotype, study


How just drops of viper venom pack a deadly punch. eurekalert.org. June 01, 2018. A bite from a lancehead snake can be fatal. Species in the family, found throughout Central and South America, have venom that can disrupt blood clotting and cause hemorrhage, strokes and kidney failure.CAPTIONResearchers studying venom from Bothrops jararaca (shown) and related […]

Males of the brown widow spider mate choice, study


Male mate choice in a sexually cannibalistic widow spider. By Shevy Waner, Uzi Motro, Yael Lubin, Ally R.Harari. AbstractMales of the brown widow spider, Latrodectus geometricus (Theridiidae), invest energy in courtship displays and are often cannibalized after mating; accordingly, partial sex role reversal is expected. In this species, subadult females are able to mate and […]

Deep learning improves prediction of drug–drug and drug–food interactions, research


Deep learning predicts drug-drug and drug-food interactions. sciencedaily.com. April 18, 2018. Development of a deep learning-based computational framework that predicts interactions for drug-drug or drug-food constituent pairs. Summary: Scientists have developed a computational framework, DeepDDI, that accurately predicts and generates 86 types of drug-drug and drug-food interactions as outputs of human-readable sentences, which allows in-depth […]

10 Shocking Facts About Plastic Pollution


Earth day 2018. End plastic pollution. earthday.org. March 07, 2018. 10 Shocking Facts About Plastic Pollution. Plastic pollution is killing our planet, and plastic pollution is killing us. It’s choking our oceans, poisoning our food and water supply, and wreaking havoc on the health and well-being of humans and wildlife worldwide. Use these ten shocking […]

Research about controversial neonicotinoid insecticides


Global scientific review reveals effective alternatives to neonicotinoid and fipronil insecticides. eurekalert.org. February 26, 2018. Report finds systemic pesticides not as effective as once thought and cites pest resistance as key reason to end mass uses of the harmful substances. Use of controversial neonicotinoid insecticides ("neonics") in agriculture is not as effective as once thought, […]

Antidepressants are effective, study shows


Antidepressants more effective than placebo for adults with acute major depressive disorder. By Julia Robinson. pharmaceutical-journal.com. February 22, 2018. Findings represent the “most comprehensive evidence base currently available” to guide the initial choice about pharmacological treatment for acute major depressive disorder in adults, researchers conclude. Source: RPSDavid Taylor, professor of psychopharmacology at King’s College, London, […]

Occurrence and fate of pesticides in the Argentine stretch of the Paraguay-Paraná basin, study


Occurrence and fate of pesticides in the Argentine stretch of the Paraguay-Paraná basin.Environ Monit Assess. 2017 Feb;189(2):63. doi: 10.1007/s10661-017-5773-1. Epub 2017 Jan 19. Abstract: The Argentine stretch of the del Plata basin crosses regions devoted to extensive and intensive agriculture mostly with chemical pest control. The utilization of pesticides in the region has increased 900% […]

Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in 4 US Communities, study


Children affected by prenatal drinking more numerous than previously estimated. eurekalert.org. February 06, 2018. Findings suggest rates of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders may be similar to autism spectrum disorders. Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine found a significant number of children across four regions in the United States were determined to […]


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