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Plastic & Microplastic

The global threat from plastic pollution


Is global plastic pollution nearing an irreversible tipping point? .eurekalert.org. July 01, 2021. Common press release: Stockholm University, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research. Catching a big blue barrel floating on the ocean surface in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch from the German […]

Particles of micro- and nanoplastics accumulate in human organs


Micro- and nanoplastics detectable in human tissues. sciencedaily.com. August 17, 2020. Summary: Plastic pollution is a global problem. Even when plastic bags or water bottles break down, tiny fragments can still contaminate the environment. Animals and humans can ingest the particles, with uncertain health consequences. Now, scientists report that they are among the first to […]

Microplastics prevail in snow from the Alps to the Arctic, study


Microplastic drifting down with the snow. sciencedaily.com. August 14, 2019. In the Alps and the Arctic, experts confirm the presence of plastic in snow. Summary: Over the past several years, microplastic particles have repeatedly been detected in sea-water, drinking water, and even in animals. But these minute particles are also transported by the atmosphere and […]

How much microplastics do Americans consume per year?


Americans consumer 70,000 particles of microplastics per year. sciencedaily.com. June 5, 2019. Summary: Since the mass production of plastics began in the 1940s, the versatile polymers have spread rapidly across the globe. Although plastics have made life easier in many ways, disposing of the materials is a growing problem. Now, researchers estimate that the average […]

Enzyme MHETase decoded: A long-term solution to the plastic waste problem?


‘Molecular scissors’ for plastic waste. Enzyme MHETase decoded. eurekalert.org. April 12, 2019. Plastics are excellent materials: extremely versatile and almost eternally durable. But this is also exactly the problem, because after only about 100 years of producing plastics, plastic particles are now found everywhere – in groundwater, in the oceans, in the air, and in […]

Different types of microplastics in the peninsular coastal Mediterranean, in Spain


PE, PP and PS: The most abundant type of microplastics in Mediterranean coastal waters. eurekalert.org. February 28, 2019. Effects of the plastic civilization. Polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene are the most abundant microplastics in the Mediterranean coastal waters, according to a new study published by the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin -by the experts Miquel Canals, William […]

Study about microplastics in marine mammals stranded around the British coast


Plastic in Britain’s seals, dolphins and whales. eurekalert.org. January 31, 2019. Microplastics have been found in the guts of every marine mammal examined in a new study of animals washed up on Britain’s shores. Researchers from the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) examined 50 animals from 10 species of dolphins, seals and whales […]

An interview with an expert in microplastics


How dangerous is microplastic? .eurekalert.org. January 10, 2018. Dr. Natalia Ivleva discusses her research into the analysis of microplastic. Dr. Natalia Ivleva, a group leader at the Institute for Hydrochemistry (IWC) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), has developed new analytical methods based on Raman microscopy for the identification and quantification of microplastic.CREDITUli Benz / […]

The European Parliament accepted the report to advocates a ban on microplastics in cosmetics


The European Parliamente wants to ban microplastixs en cosmetics. By Michiel Roscam Abbing.  beatthemicrobead.org. 26/10/18. Breaking news: the European Parliament has embraced the environment commission’s report entitled Turning plastic wastelands into fields of gold, by a huge majority.  ¿Inofensivo dentífrico? (SerTox) The report, compiled by the European Parliamentarian Mark Demesmaeker, supports the Plastic Strategy, Europe’s strategy to […]

Plastic litter at Lake Geneva in Switzerland: a global problem


Why pristine lakes are filled with toxins. By Melissa Hogenboom. bbcnews. April 30, 2018. Much of the focus on plastic pollution centres on our oceans. Emerging evidence shows it’s also a problem in freshwater, which may even be the source. In 2016 a team of scientists scoured a dozen beaches around the shores of Lake […]

10 Shocking Facts About Plastic Pollution


Earth day 2018. End plastic pollution. earthday.org. March 07, 2018. 10 Shocking Facts About Plastic Pollution. Plastic pollution is killing our planet, and plastic pollution is killing us. It’s choking our oceans, poisoning our food and water supply, and wreaking havoc on the health and well-being of humans and wildlife worldwide. Use these ten shocking […]

Frequency of microplastics in mesopelagic fishes from the Northwest Atlantic, study


High levels of microplastics found in Northwest Atlantic fish. sciencedaily.com. February 16, 2018. New study finds microplastics in the stomachs of 73 percent of mesopelagic fish caught in the Northwest Atlantic — one of the highest levels globally. Summary: A new study finds 73 percent of mesopelagic fish caught in the Northwest Atlantic had microplastics in […]

Microplastics as an emerging threat to terrestrial ecosystems, study


An underestimated threat: Land-based pollution with microplastics. sciencedaily.com. February 05, 2018. Summary: Tiny plastic particles also present a threat to creatures on land and may have damaging effects similar or even more problematic than in our oceans. Researchers warn: the impact of microplastics in soils, sediments and the freshwaters could have a long-term negative effect […]

Brain damage in fish induced by plastic nanoparticles delivered through the food chain


Brain damage in fish from plastic nanoparticles in water. sciencedaily.com. September 25, 2017. Summary: A new study shows that plastic particles in water may end up inside fish brains. The plastic can cause brain damage, which is the likely cause of behavioral disorders observed in the fish.Calculations have shown that 10 per cent of all […]

Environmentally relevant concentrations of microplastic particles influence larval fish ecology


Microplastic particles threaten fish larvae. sciencedaily.com. June 02, 2016. Summary: Researchers have found that larval fish exposed to microplastic particles during development displayed changed behaviors and stunted growth which lead to greatly increased mortality rates. The researchers discovered that larval perch that had access to microplastic particles only ate plastic and ignored their natural food […]

Bisphenol S speeds up embryonic development and disrupts the reproductive system


‘BPA-free’ plastic accelerates embryonic development, disrupts reproductive system. sciencedaily.com. February 01, 2016. Summary: Companies advertise ‘BPA-free’ as a safer version of plastic products ranging from water bottles to sippy cups to toys. Yet a new study demonstrates that BPS, a common replacement for BPA, speeds up embryonic development and disrupts the reproductive system. The research […]

Microplastic ingestion by scleractinian corals, study


Great Barrier Reef corals eat plastic. sciencedaily.com. February 24, 2015. Summary: Researchers in Australia have found that corals commonly found on the Great Barrier Reef will eat micro-plastic pollution. Microplastics are tiny fragments of plastic in the environment and are a widespread contaminant in marine ecosystems, particularly in inshore coral reefs. Corales en acuario (SerTox) […]


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