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Country: Peru

Trivia # 351: Bauhinia forficata


Toxicological trivia from September 02, 2016: Bauhinia forficata, commonly known as Brazilian orchid tree, Pata de Vaca,  is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, Fabaceae, that is native to Argentina, Brazil and Peru.Its flowers are white and pinkish, and is similar to an orchid. Deciduous leaves are lobed and the name "pata […]

An article of poisonous snakes from Perú


The poisonous snakes of public health importance of Peru. Navarrete Zamora Miluska B, Silva Suárez Walter H, Vargas Mas Erasmo A. REDVET. Revista electrónica de Veterinaria 1695-7504. 2010 Volumen 11 Número 07. Abstract: There are 33 species of venomous snakes in Perú and these are distributed in two families: Viperidae and Elapidae. They are geographically […]

Report about drug consumption in 6 countries in South America


Closer to home – drug use in six Latin American countries in focus. UNODC and CICAD-OEA present first comparative study on drug consumption in 6 countries in South America.26 June 2008 – Argentina, Chile and Uruguay are the countries with the greatest use of illicit drugs, Bolivia appears to be in an intermediate situation, and […]

We need also …INTI RAYMI


Inti Raymi 2008, June 24, Lighting Ceremony, around noon (AW-time).The third annual hood fest of the ‘Festival of the Sun’ celebrates the winter solstice and a new year for the Inca. Join the Americas as it bears witness to Qosqo’s greatest festival. This year’s theme: "To torch or not to torch" – you might bring […]

La Oroya, again


Life in Peru’s most polluted town.BBC News,Nov 15, 2007.You know you are getting close to La Oroya when the already sparse vegetation on the mountainside gets thinner and eventually disappears leaving bare rock. On arriving at this high altitude town you can see it is dominated by a huge chimney, at 167m (547ft) believed to […]

# 6: La Oroya


Ten Most Polluted Places Named: La Oroya. Natgeo,Sept.19Two girls walk to school amid smoky skies in La Oroya, Peru, in this September 2003 photo. The congested mining town of 35,000 nestled high in the Andes was recently added to the Blacksmith Institute’s list of the ten most polluted places in the world. A metal smelter […]

From Perú


Carlos Angel Murga Casas, Pharmaceutical Chemistry,  says to us: Friends and colleagues; looking for information in the Web I found your page and the Electronic Bulletin  that you emit, which I consider is very valuable for my work. In such sense I ask for to accept my subscription for it. Thank you very much, beforehand.


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