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Ciguatera in USA

6 February, 2008
Toxin From Fish Causes Illness in Humans.Examiner, WASHINGTON. Several outbreaks of ciguatera fish poisoning have been confirmed in consumers who ate fish harvested in the northern Gulf of Mexico, the Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday.The FDA said that fish such as grouper, snapper, amberjack and barracuda represent the most significant threat to consumers. They feed on fish that have eaten toxic marine algae. The toxin is stable in the tissue of living fish and does them no harm. But larger carnivores have higher concentrations of the toxin in their tissues. As a result, the greatest risk of poisoning for humans comes from the largest fish.[ See ]. See related: Toxins in Fish Sicken At Least 28 in Several U.S. States. See diddactic video in Read more.
Ciguatera in USA
Ciguatera and the Fisherman
A day in the life with the world’s favorite warm water fish toxin : Ciguatera!


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