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By global climate change ?

13 October, 2007
Japan Battles Jellyfish Invasion. NPR. Day to day. Oct.3, 2007.  Giant jellyfish are flooding into the Sea of Japan. The translucent creatures can grow as large as 6 feet in diameter and weigh 450 lbs. Over the last 5 years, millions have migrated from the coast of China into Japanese waters. Scientists believe they’re floating in on ocean currents warmed by global climate change. Photo: Enlarge A diver attaches a sensor to a giant jellyfish off the coast of Japan. Yomiuri Shimbun/AFP/Getty Images.  [ See ]
By global climate change ?
The jellyfish are so heavy they rip the nets of Japanese fishermen and their venom poisons the rest of the catch.

The country’s fishing industry has been devastated. But a Japanese entrepreneur has decided to make lemonade out of these marine lemons.

Kaneo Fukuda calls himself "Jellyfish Fukuda" and he claims to have developed more than 20 products made out of the jellyfish. He’s marketing everything from makeup to mixed drinks. Anyone for a Jellyfish Sour?

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