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Agent orange in Vietnan still poisons

20 December, 2009
Agent Orange Poisons New Generations in Vietnam. time. com.December 19, 2009.This lonely section of the abandoned Danang air base was once crawling with U.S. airmen and machines. It was here where giant orange drums were stored and the herbicides they contained were mixed and loaded onto waiting planes. Whatever sloshed out soaked into the soil and eventually seeped into the water supply. Thirty years later, the rare visitor to the former U.S. air base is provided with rubber boots and protective clothing. Residue from Agent Orange, which was sprayed to deny enemy troops jungle cover, remains so toxic that this patch of land is considered one of the most contaminated pieces of real estate in the country. A recent study indicates that even three decades after the war ended, the cancer-causing dioxins are at levels 300 to 400 times higher than what is deemed to be safe. [ See ]
Agent orange in Vietnan still poisons
Aviones militares estadounidenses lanzando Agente Naranja en Vietnam


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